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Spiel Essen: tips for exhibitors

You might already know about Spiel, the world's biggest board game fair hosted in Messe Essen (Germany) each year. It's a huge deal that attracted 190K visitors this year. But we have some insider info.

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First Glimpse of the Wooden Bilder Pieces

We received the first game sample some weeks ago and wouldn’t you know, it looks amazing! The pieces have an antique white color and the exact hint of natural wood grain we’ve been looking for. 

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How MysteryAngel87 saved our Kickstarter campaign

It was 2 hours before the deadline of our Kickstarter campaign, we're 90% funded with €13,500 of €15,000 pledged. Dries and I both assumed that it was over. We did everything we could to get this Kickstarter campaign funded, but it was time to face the music. 

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The reviews are in! 

We are absolutely in love with Bilder (live NOW on Kickstarter!) but we're biased. Maybe you should listen to what professional board game reviewers have to say...

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Monkeyshine: making party games, good ones!

Call us MONKEYSHINE games from now on

We have a new name, one that says 'mischief', 'buffoonery', and other general shenanigans. Seemed a perfect fit for 2 Belgian boys making mostly party games. We started of as 'Deer Lord Games', named after our firstborn son the party card game that started all of this, but that name no longer cuts it because we...

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Don't get me started is the best game for haters

A game for pessimistic cynical killjoys who can turn every conversation into a real downer. Draw cards with topics ranging from easy to hard to complain about and go on a rant while others try to predict your negative personality. Get ready to place your sticks in the mud because your whinig can finally be usefull!

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A makerspace (also known as techshops, makerlabs or fablabs) is a place where you can make use of new technologies, such as lasercutters and 3D printers, and the knowhow of its community members to create pretty much anything you want. In our case, that's prototypes for upcoming games!

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Here at Monkeyshine, we go bananas for creative games. Because here's the thing: if you leave enough room for imagination, people will come up with ways to tackle challenges you would have never thought of yourself. Pictionary is the most well-known example of such a creative game, but there are plenty of titles that use a similar game mechanic and take it to the next level.
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