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First Glimpse of the Wooden Bilder Pieces

We received the first game sample some weeks ago and wouldn’t you know, it looks amazing! The pieces have an antique white color and the exact hint of natural wood grain we’ve been looking for. 

The light varnish on the natural wood gives it a soft and almost silky texture. The production of the wooden pieces will take 30-45 days. Final payment to the manufacturer will happen in the next couple of days.

Here are some photos of the wooden pieces. Note that we are working with natural wood, so every game will have a unique look and what you see in these pictures will not 100% reflect what your game will look like. There might be very slight color variations and the wood grain will not be in the exact same places.

Note that the pictures here do not contain all the pieces in the box! 

_smallbilder_0003_Layer-0 meeples and car


meeple hats


le basic shapes


the foundation - some big pieces


some smaller pieces

You can still pledge for Bilder using paypal 

In the meantime we are working on finalizing the design of the back of the box. For practical reasons were only able to decide on box dimension after the Kickstarter had ended. We are going for 295x238x45mm (11.6x9.4x1.8 inch). That's a pretty big rectangular box that will fit all pieces nicely. We’ve been working and experimenting with several designs. Here’s a sneak peak of our work in progress.

back of bilder box sketch

Started out with a rough draft

experimenting with meeple designs for back of bilder box

Did some experimenting with ways of representation

pie chart of possible tagline outcomes for bilder

Did a poll on social media to find out which tagline you liked best...

We tried to capture the essence of the gameplay, while also showcasing what’s inside the box.

bak of the box bilder

Not a final design so scrutinize all you want… but obviously, we hope you like it just as much as we do :)

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